Avoid Credit Card Skimmers – Protect Your Money

One of the most common criminal ways to acquire credit card and debit card data from people is through the use of skimmer cards. Most of the time, these devices are stealing information from ATMs, gas pumps, and vending machines. Criminals use this information to create clones of existing cards, or to take money directly from the victim’s bank account. Everyone who uses these services is at risk.

Skimmers are card readers that record the data of a card by reading the magnetic stripe. Criminals try to install these devices as discreetly as possible so that users do not realize their card may have been compromised until it is too late. The device is generally inserted into the chain card reader, so that the user has to run the card through the use of the machine. When a skimmer is placed in an ATM, the criminal usually also places a camera to capture the user’s PIN number. Sometimes, instead of a camera, the criminal places a fake PIN pad for a real one to capture the PIN. This is necessary for the criminal because without the information from a debit card PIN, it is useless.

Protect your money

There are some ways in which a user card can mitigate the risk of having your information stolen credit or debit card.

Always check for tampering before inserting credit card or debit card into any machine. Signs of tampering include material of a different color, and images that do not align properly. Make sure the keyboard is too thick or just not feeling good, is another way to identify a skimmer card. If there are two side-to-side ATMs, check for any differences.

Another way to reduce the risk of having stolen card details is to always move the board while inserting a machine. Shaking the card as soon as you insert it into the machine can obscure enough information to make you worthless criminals without ruining the transaction.

Finally, always remember to cover keypad while entering PIN number to keep it invisible to others via cam. This will keep criminals from being able to use your debit card information.

Skimmer cards are most often installed on machines that are not too busy, and they usually do on weekends when it is less likely to be reported. ATMs in banks are less likely to be targeted, and those found in stores are still generally safer to use.

You should always report any unauthorized expenses on your account to your bank as soon as possible, so they can return your money.

An important measure is also to acquire your debit or credit card from such a bank or institution that offers the best features for card safety. There is a financial institute offering debit or credit card with most secure features, so don’t hesitate and get your Visa prepaid card here.