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Information On Menstrual Cups

The menstrual protection worn inside the vagina to protect the woman’s menses is called the menstrual cup. Menstrual cup do not absorb menstrual fluid but it stores the fluid until the cup is emptied.

Ordinary sanitary pads may leak, are conspicuous and absorb half the menstrual fluid the menstrual cup absorb. The large storage potential of the menstrual cup is why it is recommended for women in active fields of life.. Manufacturers use latex or hypoallergic silicone to make menstrual cups which means the woman is safe from irritation and allergies.

A washable menstrual cup is also available. The menstrual cup that can be washed can be used for more than 10 years and this is economically friendly and good to the environment too.

Menstrual cups store menstrual fluids within the body and this minimizes dampness and odor that may be caused by leakages which is common with using ordinary sanitary towels.

The first menstrual cup which was bell-shaped was patented in 1932, thus the design at use now is almost eighty years old. The cup has decades of research, testing and development and therefore it is good for use.
Menstrual cups in the United states are under Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Use of menstrual cup have not had reported cases of toxic shock syndrome linked to it. Reports of yeast infection have been tabled but it was found to have been caused by poor maintenance of the washable menstrual cup. If the menstrual cups are maintained properly, they are perfectly safe and healthy.

The Diva Menstrual Solution is the latest innovation with regard to women genitalia hygiene safety. The fact that the menstrual cups are made from pure silicone guarantees safety and comfort. The fact that moon cup is comfortable and soft makes it almost not entirely felt inside the body. Moon cup being reusable is always ready. The burden of throwing away used pads or carrying around bulky spares is removed when women use the moon menstrual cup. The fact that moon cups last for longer makes them cheaper and they last for longer. The cup is easy to use and perfectly serviceable..

When preparing a moon cup for use, the steps below are followed.

In order to form a U shape, the moon cup is pressed on the sides and folded into half. To form a triangle,place a finger on the top of the cup and squeeze down to the center of the inside base. Hold the folded parts between the thumb and the index finger and the curved edge will face away from the palm. Be in a comfortable position,separate the labia with the free hand and push the curved edge of the cup inside the vagina up to a maximum of half an inch deep. Gently reach to the cup to remove it by pulling it from the base then empty it and clean it.

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