I Needed an Emergency Plumber

When I agreed to housesit for my brother and his wife, I had no idea the adventure I was about to get into. To be fair, he had no idea either. The fact that he laughs about what happened shows just how much it bothered him! My second night there, I was getting ready for bed when I heard what sounded like a small explosion at the other end of the house. As soon as I walked in the kitchen, I knew that my first course of action was to find an emergency plumber in New Jersey who would come out even though it was past normal business hours.

I had no idea what had happened other than water was coming out from under the sink. I figured a pipe had burst, but I had no idea what to do. I live in a condo that has a 24 hour manager on site should things like this happen. I would have just called him if I was home, so I knew that I had to call a plumber who could come help me. Thankfully, my online search was easy. I did look at some reviews to make sure that I was getting a quality plumber that I could trust.

The plumber I picked had great reviews, and he was able to come out right away. While I was waiting for him, I contacted my brother and he told me where I could find the shut off valve for the water. Thankfully, it was easy to find and the water was shut off within minutes of the pipe bursting. The plumber arrived within 30 minutes, and he was able to fix the pipe rather quickly. The clean up was easy because of the type of flooring my brother has, and I was able to go to sleep within just a couple of hours. Thank goodness that was the last bit of excitement while I was housesitting!