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Chris Brummer’s Contribution to the Financial and Security Laws

Financial and Securities laws cover financial dealings. Examples of financial transactions that the two handles comprise of the banking industry, enterprises, and insurance companies.These laws are administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission abbreviated as SEC, which also investigates companies that indicate inconsistencies in its audit report. In addition to that, SEC is responsible for all stock market issues. As such, business owners are required to adhere to these financial and securities regulations fully.

Chris Brummer is a well-known specialist who deals with both international and local finance and security regulations.He features in the news and he is a great asset to many commerce forums. The White House appointed Chris Brummer to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission where he focuses on the implications of the world financial system with the empowerment of the currency of China within a decade now. Chris Brummer has also worked with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority where he has been recognized for his excellent services.

The world’s economy and its steadiness solely depend on the changes of budgetary aspects. As such, the international trade faces regulation by the economic giants who determine the currency. Both financial and security laws have been able to regulate the influences of external pressure to a market and lays down the values and ethics to safeguard the state’s budget.The financial stability and its success are mainly determined by the national federations.With the help of Chris Brummer, United States has significantly learned a lot from the China’s budget.The common BREXIT, for instance, happened when British felt insecure due to its unstable economy which they described as violation of their financial market.

Securities include stocks, bonds, investment contracts and mineral rights. In this regard, businesses buy and sell securities by either issuer transaction or trading transactions. Although both the federal and state laws empower the securities regulations and demand registration of every investor and the assets, and they also forbid fraud and scams. It is for this reason Chris Brummer took the initiative to educate the importance of the financial and security laws in regulating delinquency and economic disruption.

In conclusion, financial regulations have a positive effect on a growing economy considering the GDP and the labor force. It also influences the rate of economic growth and development and the rate of employment in any country. Chris Brummer has discussed this topic in his many editorials. Financial and securities regulations create a balance between the public ownership of property and private control to strike a balance in the market. Finance and securities remain pertinent issues to any economy and should strict regulations make a difference.

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